Is Willie Joe for Real?

Brace yourselves Giants fans. William Joseph is now not only running with the first team in Michael Strahan's absence (nothing new to report on that front), but he's also doing very well. Giants coach Tom Coughlin clearly has noticed.

"I like what I have seen out of William," he said. "As I've said, he really did a nice job on the conditioning test. He seems to be a guy that right now, he is just working. He's out there, he has his head up every day, and he is working hard. You know, he is a big, strong kid. It would be a good time for him to have his best year, obviously."

Coughlin mentioned that CB Kevin Dockery is still ailing from the concussion he suffered early in camp.

"He's still having that same issue with his eyes," said Coughlin of Dockery's sensitivity to light. "He couldn't go to meetings this week."

Coughlin said that it's just going to require time before Dockery can return to field, but that he's anxious for the youngster, who surprised many and made the club as a rookie free agent last season, to return to action.

"He's a guy that if you're going to say had a real good spring, it's him," he said.

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