What to do if Eli struggles?

What to do if Eli struggles? TGI's top writers battle it out...

PS: As shocked as I am that you didn't banish Coughlin, I'd be even more surprised if you give Eli Manning a pass. I'll give you this: If the Giants stumble and bumble, Coughlin won't survive.

Eli, though, is going nowhere, even if he fails to make the quantum leap forward Giants fans are clamoring for. If Manning is bad and the team around him is worse, a new coach will get the chance to jumpstart the still-young quarterback's career. That's the way it works.

Multi-million dollar players who are No. 1 draft picks and loaded with potential don't get shown the door until every possible avenue is explored. If Manning offers little or nothing in the way of tangible improvement, the Giants owe it to their franchise to sign or draft another quarterback who has the pedigree or talent to start.

That doesn't mean they jettison Manning. It does mean that there's a viable alternative just in case. Too bad The Giant Insider doesn't have a viable alternative to Kenny Palmer, also known as Mr. Naysayer. No wonder you're a Phillies fanatic. The Phils recently lost their record 10,000th major league game and, given his less-than-cheery outlook, it often seems as if Kenny had a box seat at every one of them.

KP: I wouldn't be so sure, tough guy. Yes, it's unlikely that Manning's going anywhere. And yes, I agree that he's good enough to play quarterback in this league.

But if he does bumble and stumble his way through another disappointing, inconsistent season, who's to say that Jerry Reese won't begin looking to replace him? As much as top overall picks have more lives than felines, new general managers know a second job isn't usually an option if the first one doesn't go all that well.

Knowing how aggressive Reese is, you'd be crazy to think that he's just going to sit idly by and wait for Manning to possibly turn into a great QB. Not on his watch.

Just ask Luke Petitgout and LaVar Arrington. Heck, he wasn't even the GM who pulled the trigger on Eli. No one, sans Jerry and perhaps his lovely wife, Gwen, knows what he really thinks about number 10.

If Manning totally drops the ball in '07, it wouldn't be all that shocking to see Reese look to maneuver in next year's draft to try to land Louisville's Brian Brohm – or even Penn State's Anthony Morelli, for that matter. This is not to say that Manning will be a goner next season; just that it's a much stronger possibility than Paul would have you believe.

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