Who will be beasts of NFC East?

Who will be beasts of NFC East? TGI's top writers wrap up their debate...

PS: Yeah, I know, I spent the first two sections talking Giants fans down from the ledge. That doesn't mean I'm going to go out on that limb myself and predict a first-place finish for the Giants.

The team to beat in the NFC East is the Cowboys, despite Bill Parcells' exit from Dallas. The Cowboys have the best defensive personnel in the division and new head coach Wade Phillips has a track record for running rugged defenses.

Unless Tony Romo proves to be a flash in the pan, the 'Boys should rule the east. I'm not sold on the return of the Eagles to prominence and want to wait until I see Donovan McNabb in action before making a determination.

Give me a reason why the Redskins will be significantly better than the 5-11 record they ended up with in 2007? Go ahead, I dare you. The Giants in many ways are a wild card here, a team that nationally will mostly be picked to finish in third place. While on the subject of Wild Cards, hanging in that race in the National League might be too much to ask of the Phillies. You concur, Kenny?

KP: There's no Wild Card talk in Philly, my friend. The Fightins have their sights focused directly on your Mutts. Only a few games back at press-time, I'm going to fully enjoy watching every second of your daily reactions as the Phils overtake the Mets for the NL East title.

Speaking of Philly, there's going to be plenty of sports-related love in the City of Brotherly Love in the football department as well. Despite your foolish predictions to the contrary, the Eagles will return to prominence this season.

A healthy and more motivated than ever McNabb will be the key to a Philly resurgence. Heck they were good enough to win the division last season without him, their fifth NFC East title in the past six years.

This season, they'll return to what has basically become their rightly position atop the NFC East standings. The Cowboys will grab a Wild Card spot, the Giants finish a strong third and the Redskins, just like Paul, continue to embarrass themselves.

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