TGI's Exclusive Rookie Diary

Camp has been going really well so far. I'm trying to get the packages down and all the coverages and personnel right. I'm just trying to get everything under my belt – the nickel position and the corner position. So far it's been going really well.

I can tell I'm a lot better one week into camp than I was when we got here. I feel like I'm getting better each day and that just comes with confidence. It's not even confidence in myself, but confidence in me knowing the plays and knowing exactly what to do. I feel like as I get to learn the corner position more and more – and now the nickel position – I feel like I'll be fine. As far as the physical standpoint there's really not that big a difference between a pro camp and what I went through in college. But the mental side of the game, it's all been thrown at me at once. That's the biggest problem that I'm going to have to get used to. The coaches demand a lot from you. I feel like it's my freshman year at UT all over again. They just throw you out there in the fire and expect you to perform. That's something that I'm going to have to stand up to. You just practice and then go in and watch the films and learn from it. Whether it's a good play or practice or a bad one, you know you're going to go over it and try to get better from it. If a guy beats me in practice, I have to go in and watch exactly how he beat me so it won't happen again.

I know that I had one really good practice because Coach Coughlin came up to me right after and told me so. That made me feel really, really good. He's the one that made the final decision on drafting me so for me to be able to make him happy and show that who he drafted was good makes me feel really good.

I expect a lot from myself and the coaches and my teammates are expecting a lot from me as well. That comes with the territory of being a first-round draft pick. That's something that I'm going to have to put on my shoulders and run with. Both R.W (McQuarters) and Sam Madison have been very helpful to me. I've been talking to those guys during and after every practice and just basically asking them for help. I talk to Sam a lot about the corner position and the nickel, that's something that R.W. plays really well. That's the position they just put me at so I've been talking to R.W about playing nickel a lot lately.

Both of those guys told me to be patient at the line when I'm in press coverage and not to open the gate. Coach Spags and Coach Giunta have been telling me the same thing. At UT we sort of got away from our press coverage so my technique is not where I want it to be. Everyone's been telling me to just stay square in that technique and to be a boxer at the line. I want to keep my feet square at the line of scrimmage and then once the receiver comes in my area I need to be a boxer and get my hands on him.

I'm still worried about getting all the playbook down. Once that happens, whatever the coaches decide regarding who's going to start, that's on them. But I'm a competitor so obviously I want to be on the field.

I also hope I get to return kicks and punts here. That's something that I really want to do really, really badly. I really hope I get a chance to do that. I can do both but I feel like I do really well catching punts. Right now there are four of us doing that and they haven't told us yet what kind of order that we're in. I really want to do it.

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