Toomer, Tuck Rebounding Nicely

Both Amani Toomer and Justin Tuck have been limited to one practice a day due to injuries suffered last season. But the pair is certainly making the most of their practice time.

"I think right now I like the way it is," Toomer said. "I get the chance to try and get in better shape after practice and then I'm not wearing myself down too much."

Toomer has surprised many – including himself – with how far along he is following ACL surgery the middle of last season.

"I feel pretty good," he said. "I think I've done a little better than I expected in some areas. I thought I'd be sore and I thought my knee would swell up a lot, which it hasn't. I'm pretty encouraged. I think (the schedule) is good for me right now. There are a couple things I have to work on. I think I have to get in better football shape. I'm in good shape, but there's a difference between just being in good shape and being in football shape."

As for Tuck, he's certainly benefiting from the absence of Michael Strahan. And he's enjoying every second of the daily grind that is training camp.

"I know a lot of guys tell you training camp is hell, but for me it's a joyous feeling right now," Tuck said. "I'm trying my best to enjoy it because of what I went through last year and how much I missed it."

Tuck's 2006 season ended abruptly after six games because of a Lisfranc foot sprain so severe it required surgery to properly heal. That led to a lengthy rehabilitation that forced the Giants' third-year defensive end to miss the offseason camps and workouts. He was cleared to begin running three weeks before the team reported to the University at Albany.

While Tuck considers Strahan a good friend, he also relishes the chance to demonstrate his ability.

"When Strahan comes back he is definitely our number one, for good reason," Tuck said. "But while he's not here it gives us the opportunity to get out there and get the experience and the opportunity to show what you can do." Tuck was asked if he will be the starter if Strahan doesn't suit up.

"Absolutely, once I get back in shape," he said. "Luckily, I've had three years under him to really watch how he prepares for games – the same is true of Osi (Umenyiora). You really can learn from guys like that and I have."

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