The Hot List

Here's a look at who's hot and who's not up in Albany…

Who's hot…

William Joseph – We put him first because he's earned it. Joseph is playing very well at end in Michael Strahan's absence and looks to have finally put it all together. Heck, he even spoke to the media early in camp.

James Butler – Undrafted free agent no more, Butler surpassed and is still playing better than big-money man Will Demps at safety.

Sinorice Moss – Not only is he healthy, but he's catching everything that comes his way. His explosiveness makes him a dangerous weapon once he gets his hands on the ball.

Rich Seubert – Seubert's firmly entrenched as the starting left guard. He also continues to serve the O-line very well in the leadership department. He's had a great camp so far.

Lawrence Tynes – Calmly drilling a 48-yarder to earn your offensive teammates an extra hour before curfew is certainly a good way to make friends.

Who's not…

Sam Madison – His cover skills just aren't what they were. Just ask anybody up in Albany. The bad is far outweighing the good these days.

David Tyree – Younger, faster receivers are making Tyree look expendable right about now. That and the fact that the Giants upgraded their special teams cover guys, means DT needs to kick it up a notch.

Guy Whimper – The gap has certainly widened between Whimper and David Diehl, who hasn't exactly been tearing it up in Albany. It would be inaccurate to continue to call it a battle for the left tackle job. The job is Diehl's.

Anthony Mix – The size alone makes you salivate. But the 6-5, 235-pound Mix just doesn't play consistently enough to warrant a roster spot. He falls into the coach-killer category.

Michael Strahan – Leaving your mates in the lurch at the 11th hour isn't going to win Strahan many popularity contests.

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