TGI's Rookie Report

Here's how New York's eight draft picks have fared during the opening week of training camp.

Aaron Ross – He missed some time with a lower-body injury, but since he's been back, he's looked pretty good. It still appears that a strong second half of camp could land Ross in the starting lineup. However, the missed time did cost him his place among the regular kickoff and punt returners – at least for now.

Steve Smith – Smith keeps on keeping on. He sure doesn't look like a rookie at all. He carries himself very well, both on the field and off. He still needs more reps and admitted in his TGI Rookie Diary that he needed to play faster and with more urgency. If that happens, the sky really is the limit.

Jay Alford – Not only has big Jay locked down the short-snapper job, but he's starting to play much better at DT. As he picks up the schemes and becomes more comfortable just playing football, his ability and instincts have started to show more. He's starting to become more of a regular in the offensive backfield.

Zak DeOssie – He's taken over the long-snapping job and has done very well. What he adds to that position that injured Ryan Kuehl did not is the ability to consistently get downfield and cover after snapping the ball. He's also getting more and more reps at linebacker, where he's shown good speed for a 250-pounder.

Kevin Boss – He banged up his shoulder a little against Carolina, but has returned to practice, where he regularly makes impressive catches. There's no secret that receiving skills already come second nature to Boss, who's benefited from the season-ending injury to Darcy Johnson and earned extra reps.

Adam Koets – The Giants still have Koets playing tackle, where he hasn't exactly stood out just yet. The thought here is that the slightly undersized, short-armed Koets will fare better at guard. Only time – and more game action – will tell.

Michael Johnson – He's started to catch some eyes in the defensive backfield. Johnson turned in a nice interception late in the week before the Baltimore game. He moved around pretty well and while has hasn't really had the opportunity to lay the wood to an opponent yet, it sure looks like he'll be able to.

Ahmad Bradshaw – By starting so quickly, Bradshaw basically had nowhere to go but down. This isn't to say that he's slipped all that far, but his fumble against Carolina certainly raised as many, if not more, eyebrows than his impressive running ability thus far.

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