Never Rule Jessie Out

So now Jessie Armstead is trying his hand at coaching. Silly idea, you say? Hardly, we say. Remember this is a guy that transformed himself from an eighth-round draft choice to a five-time Pro Bowler. Simply put, Jessie Armstead can do whatever the heck Jessie Armstead puts his mind to.

"It's something I see myself doing," Armstead told TGI. "When I told people in the beginning of my career that I wanted to be the best linebacker in the NFL, people laughed about it. It's like anything else, when you set out to do something, some people don't believe in you. But as soon as you start doing something and making things happen, everyone will jump on then."

All aboard the Armstead coaching express. Now we're not going to get ahead of ourselves here. Armstead just started dabbling in his first ever coaching experience, helping out with the linebackers at training camp. But it's something he enjoys and clearly wants to pursue.

"Everything's been great," he said. "I love the game of football. There's basically no difference between putting in all the time as a great athlete and now you're putting in a lot of time as a coach. It's just now I'm not taking any beatings out there on the field."

Armstead enjoyed toiling under such defensive masterminds as John Fox, Marvin Lewis and Mike Nolan during his career. He said they've all affected his coaching mentality.

"I'm taking my time and learning from the coaches, what they think, how they do things," he said. "I think if I can take what I know from the field and mix it in with that, I can be a real good coach. I think it's going to work out."

Armstead, who always says he bleeds Giants blue, jumped at the chance to rejoin his former club. "I'm going to be around during the season here and there," he said.

"Hopefully one day it can become more than what it is. Right now I'm just glad I have the opportunity from the organization to be in there and mix in with the guys. I'm glad that Coach Coughlin accepted me and let me come in."

When Jessie Armstead talks, people listen. You don't fake your way into five consecutive Pro Bowls, which Armstead earned from 1997-2001. As a result, if Armstead has a thought or a suggestion, his troops would be wise to heed it.

"It's a good situation," Armstead said. "It's something I like, being around the guys and being able to give them the knowledge that I have from the field. It's a lot different coming from someone who's been out there instead of it coming from a classroom. There's no bull with me, what it is it is. I just call a spade a spade."

So, will we see Jessie Armstead calling all the shots as an NFL head coach one day? Only a fool would blindly say no.

"If the Lord blesses me and I keep on working like I've been working, I think things will work out in the long run," Armstead said. "It's one of my goals one day. One thing everyone knows is that when I dedicate myself to something that I'm going to do it all out; I'm not going to be wishy-washy with anything."

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