No More Gambling For Fassel

When head coach Jim Fassel met with the media in his weekly conference call, he had a new pledge: No more agressive play calls.

The Giants led Arizona on Sunday 7-0 with 14 seconds left in the first half. Head coach Jim Fassel called a pass play from New York's 32, the intention was to have QB Kerry Collins throw down field.

That wasn't the way the play went down.

Arizona safety Justin Lucas stepped in front of Collins' pass in the flat and returned it 38 yards for a touchdown.

Fassel's next call: No more aggressive plays.

In his weekly Monday press conference, Fassel took responsibility for the error in judement and said "I have tried to be aggressive twice and both have blown up, I am out of that business for now."

Fassel added "I made a tactical error at the end of the half...I didn't think the play call was bad,I wanted the ball down the field. The ball went short. That's not what we wanted."

According to the head coach, the play was designed to go to Ike Hilliard on a 20-yard pass along the sidelines. If it was completed with 8 seconds or more left in the half, Collins would have thrown another short pass to set up a field goal attempt by Matt Bryant, who hit from 61-yards in the pregame warmups.

If the pass was completed with 7 seconds or less, Fassel intended to have Collins throw a "Hail Mary" to the end zone.

When the pass was intercepted, the strategy ended up looking bad for the coach, whose judgement has been called into question now for the second consecutive week.

The offense, which has only scored three touchdowns in four games, is going to see some changes this week against Dallas.

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