Camp Grades

With opening night only 11 days away, TGI takes a quick final look at how each aspect of the 2007 Giants shapes up.

Grade: B

Eli Manning has made noticeable strides, both on and off the field, and the Giants are pretty confident in their backup, Jared Lorenzen, as well.

Running Backs
Grade: B

Brandon Jacobs has been a pleasant surprise; Reuben Droughns has not. Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw should chip in nicely.

Wide Receivers
Grade: A-

As long as they all stay healthy, New York's top four receivers are about as good a quartet as you're going to find. Steve Smith is a star in the making.

Tight Ends
Grade: B+

Let's not get too caught up with the backup tight end. New York has a perennial Pro Bowler in Jeremy Shockey, which should be more than enough.

Offensive Line
Grade: B

Maybe this David Diehl can play a little left tackle after all. The rest of the line is also solid, if not spectacular.

Defensive Line
Grade: C+

As good as Justin Tuck has looked, until New York gets vintage Michael Strahan back, the D-line cannot live on Osi Umenyiora alone.

Grade: B-

An injured Kawika Mitchell and an understandably slow-learning Mathias Kiwanuka offset Antonio Pierce, the stud in the middle.

Grade: C-

The more things change…It sure looks like rookie Aaron Ross might be the only guy that can cover with any above-average ability.

Special Teams
Grade: C

With the place-kicker's identity still uncertain at press time, it's hard to get too fired up about Tom Quinn's units.

Grade: B+

Tom Coughlin is indeed kinder and gentler and Chris Palmer appears to be making inroads with Eli Manning. After a slow start, Steve Spagnuolo's starting defense seems to be doing the trick as well.

Grade: B-

This looks to be an 8-8 club with the ability to steal a couple and get into the playoffs – or let a couple slip away and stumble to the finish line.

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