Tuck Steps Up

In Michael Strahan's absence, Justin Tuck has shown himself very well. Tuck especially flashed against the Jets when he posted three consecutive standout plays. Coach Tom Coughlin certainly noticed.

"He had a very good game, a strong game," he said. "He played well up front."

Tuck said he feels much more comfortable after having gotten the lion's share of the reps in Albany with the defense sans Strahan.

"I'm trying to take advantage of every opportunity I get," Tuck said. "So far things have been going pretty good."

Yes, they have. Almost too good for Tuck's liking. After entertaining yet another media crowd at his locker, Tuck joked to TGI, "I need Michael back here soon so he can handle all this stuff." Seriously, though, Tuck knows that the defense needs its leader.

"I'm looking forward to seeing him," he said. "There is a missing void, with his experience and leadership."

This summer's training camp didn't exactly start in ideal fashion for Tuck, who was limited to one practice a day due to his recovery from a serious foot injury.

"I was definitely concerned about my career, especially when it first happened," Tuck said of the surgery for his Lisfranc foot ailment. "It's your foot. You tear ligaments in your foot and you have to have screws put in your foot, you never know how that is going to turn out, especially when you have to run on that thing."

So far, everything seems to be coming together for Justin Tuck.

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