Fearless Forecast

Here's how TGI editor Ken Palmer sizes up the Giants 2007 season.

1) How will the Giants finish in 2007?

The Giants are going to mirror last season's results en route to another 8-8 mark. But instead of quick start, Big Blue is going to stumble out of the gate, then rebound and make a run of it down the stretch. However, unlike the last two seasons, there will be no playoff football in Giantsville this time around. But the fact that they didn't quit on Tom Coughlin, and because his new kinder, gentler act will prove to be popular, it might just be enough for Coughlin to stick around for another season.

2) Most important factor in Giants' success?

As the season approached, the Giants special teams units were in almost complete disarray. In order to be successful this season, Big Blue must come up with a dependable kicker, a solid snapper or two and return men that strike fear into opponents. This isn't to say that these guys are not already on the roster, because they very well may be, just that it sure doesn't look too good in those departments at the moment. By the way, improving the coverage units wouldn't hurt anyone either.

3) Who will win the NFC East?

While the Cowboys appear to be the trendy pick this year, no one seems to be taking into account the obvious drop-off at head coach. You don't replace a surefire Hall-of-Famer in Bill Parcells and replace him with a retread like Wade Phillips and not expect there to be some problems. Donovan McNabb is as healthy and motivated as ever and he'll be the main reason why the Eagles continue their recent stranglehold on the NFC East.

4) Will Eli Manning improve this season?

I don't have a doubt in the world that Eli Manning will be significantly better and more trustworthy this season. Whether it ends up being due to his maturation or the addition of QBs coach Chris Palmer doesn't really matter all that much. What's important is that Manning continues to make the smart throws, plays within himself and completes a much higher percentage of his passes. We've seen positive examples in all of those categories this summer.

5) Will Brandon Jacobs get the job done?

Will he be Tiki Barber? Of course not. Will he be good enough to contribute heavily to a pass-heavy offense? For sure he will. Jacobs had about as good a summer as could have been expected and seems to have converted some of the doubters already. As long as he can stay on the field the Giants should be in pretty good shape with number 27 toting the pigskin. A few passes in his direction can only add to his value this season.

6) What is best case/worst case scenario for Giants?

This team is certainly capable of reaching double-digits in victories and fighting for the division title. If the offense can click and stay healthy, the scoreboard should be lighting up like crazy this season. However, the Giants are always only a few early injuries and bad bounces away from winning just one game during the season's first month and continuing to struggle the rest of the way, as the secondary once again doesn't uphold its end of the bargain.

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