Payton prioritizes plays

Giants offensive coordinator Sean Payton will cut nearly 60 plays from the playbook in hopes that the team will improve their execution of the 120-140 remaining. But will the simplied offense return the Giants to a predictable one?

The Giants are moving the ball well, they just cant score.

In their first two games, they scored only one touchdown on their first 10 chances inside their opponent's 20.

When the Giants had offensive woes in the past, they simplified their game plan, and thats what they plan to do against Dallas.

Head coach Jim Fassel said he wanted a simplied offense from offensive coordinator Sean Payton, and better execution from his players, with fewer mistakes.

Payton usually has 180-200 plays available for the Giants offense. The reduction will leave the offense with 120-140 plays on avaiable on Sunday when the Giants (2-2) visit Dallas (2-2).

Limiting the game plan will give the Giants a chance to practice each play more. Payton said the decision was difficult "... We like all these plays, but you have to prioritize what you really like, and you get good at those."

In the past, critics have called the Giants offense predictable. Payton will be challenged in choosing a diverse enough selection of plays to keep opponents on their toes.

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