Coach on QB

Here's what Giants coach Tom Coughlin had to say about injured QB Eli Manning before Wednesday's practice...

Q: What is Eli going to do today?

A: He is coming out to practice. He will be with his group. He is going to do a little light soft-toss on the side. He will not take any snaps. But I'm encouraged by his progress.

Q: Who will get the first-team snaps?

A: (Jared) Lorenzen.

Q: When you say you are encouraged by his progress, what progress has he made?

A: I'm encouraged by his progress. He is less sore than he was the day before – that kind of thing. The swelling is way down. So I'm encouraged by that.

Q: Will you evaluate him each day to determine if he can practice?

A: It depends on how he feels. The same kind of progress each day – it ends up being a day to day thing. The doctors come to me, they tell me how he feels. Ronnie Barnes comes to me. They tell me how he feels and we talk it over. And we'll see what his status will be.

Q: He has never been hurt before. He seems like the kind of person that would want to play through…… Do you have to weigh that?

A: Well he threw a touchdown pass the other night after he was injured. He reminded me of that when he came to the sideline when I took him – when I held him the next time. But all things considered, we will take everything into consideration realizing that he wants to play and is extremely competitive and at the proper time we will make the right call.

Q: Will he still play Sunday if he is limited in practice this week?

A: I'm not prepared to say that, no. We will give (it) every opportunity.

Q: Under the old system would he be doubtful or….?

A: What category he is in – he is not participating under the new system today. I have enough troubles remembering what this new system is.

Q: How important is practice for Eli?

A: Well, practice is important for everybody. But he will get every mental rep and he will be the first one. He and Lorenzen spent all day Tuesday in here.

Q: Lorenzen had a poor performance in the last preseason game.

A: But he played pretty good the one before.

Q: What would you want to focus on with Lorenzen this week?

A: Recognition, of course. Obviously tips, opportunities to know a little bit in advance what is coming, like always. Where his protections are coming from, what his hots are when he is not protected, that kind of thing.

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