TGI Insider: Why Demps was Dumped

Even with a Will, there was no Way. Maybe it's just the name.

You all remember Will Allen and Will Peterson and exactly how well they fared in the Giants secondary, don't you? Well, just when it appeared that Will Demps was rounding into form, the Giants not only placed him on Injured Reserve with what was believed to be only a two- or three-week injury, but then they terminated his contract and Will Demps is a Giant no longer.

Yes, he played mostly lousy last season and his key missed tackle – where he tried to blow up the runner instead of just wrapping him up – not only turned the tide of the Bears game last year but realistically the course of the entire season as well.

But still there was Demps, perhaps as embarrassed as can be at being demoted to second-strong this offseason, handling himself well – on the surface at least – and saying all the right things to the media. He certainly answered the bell in the opening preseason game, playing very well against Carolina, with his efforts including a sack. Then the next week in his former home stadium in Baltimore, Demps suffered the dislocated elbow that he said might not even keep him out for the season opener. The Giants, obviously, had other ideas.

So where did it all go wrong for Demps, the smooth-talking, smoother-dressing hard-hitting safety that seemed a natural fit in The Big Apple? Well, it depends upon whom you ask. There's one faction that will tell you that Demps' inconsistent tackling, mostly borne out of using poor techniques, drove the coaches crazy. Then some others will tell you that a poor attitude led to his downfall. Quite honestly, we rarely saw that in the media, but we're not always privy to everything that goes on behind closed doors.

The fact that two rookies showed well this summer made it an easier call for Big Blue to jettison Demps. Seventh-round pick Michael Johnson and rookie free agent find Craig Dahl both appear to have solid tackling techniques and also show no discernible attitude problems as of yet.

In any event, Demps was left looking for a new employer, which he found days later in Houston, and the Giants were left wondering what happened to the playmaking Demps that was a starting member of the feared Ravens defense.

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