Friday's notes

It looks like a shakeup of New York's return teams is in the works. Rookie Tim Carter is expected to take over as the primary kickoff returner Sunday in Dallas and Delvin Joyce is likely to handle the punt return duties.Rookie Daryl Jones, who had held both spots previously, is expected to be inactive.

Carter and Jones will both be playing in their first NFL game.Tiki Barber has been told to be ready just in case Joyce can't get the job done on punts.

Carter, the team's second-round draft choice, has been sidelined with back and rib injuries since training camp. Fassel said he was excited to see his second-round pick make his debut.

"It's going to be his first experience, but I'm excited about him just like I was when we first started (training camp)," he said. "I still feel that way.

Everyone else has had four games, and this is going to be his first game in the NFL. I think he's ready.

"If he's up, I'm going to use him on special teams: Kickoff team, kickoff return, punt, punt return. He's a physical, tough guy that can play a lot of positions. He'll add some speed and size to our special teams."

Carter is eager to return to the field in any capacity.

"I'm definitely anxious and ready to go," he said. "Physically, I feel I'm in pretty good shape, as far as strength-wise and being explosive. The only thing I can add to my game is experience. I can't wait to get out there and contribute.

"When I started (at receiver) as a senior at Auburn, I started on all the special teams. That's a part of my game. The weird thing for me was sitting on the sideline, not playing at all. I just have to go out there and make something happen. I'll definitely be hitting the hole at full speed. Hopefully, it's the right hole."

* * *

Fassel on Keith Hamilton: "He said to me more than once this week, 'I owe you a big game, and I'm going to give it to you.' "

* * *

Fassel on the running game: "We're going to break through."

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