Coach's Corner

On Thursday, the Giants made offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride available to the media. While almost every question revolved around the health status of Eli Manning, Gilbride did share a couple other thoughts that should be of interest to TGI readers.

On the development of Jared Lorenzen:

He has shown some times when he has a gun for an arm, he is remarkably accurate for a guy that has that strong an arm, and at times he shows incredible touch, it is just a matter of can he consistently do that? I think he can, but doing it seven-on-seven and doing it when people are rushing around you and trying to take your head off are two different things. He is a tough kid, he is physical, he is very courageous, and so there is no reason for that to bother him from that standpoint. It is just a matter of can you keep your focus? Can you keep your concentration on the things that you should be concentrating on, which is: what is the coverage doing? Who are the guys that are getting open based on that coverage? I think he can, I believe he can, and I think he can play well. Certainly he has got to prove it.

On Derrick Ward taking over for the injured Brandon Jacobs:

It is not a good situation to be in. The good thing is I think we feel good about the performance of Derrick (Ward) when he got in there. I thought he ran the ball very well. You certainly don't want to lose the big guy. I don't know if you can appreciate what he did, like on the third play of the (Dallas) game, that touchdown pass, it was his chip (block) that just destroyed DeMarcus Ware and gave us a chance to make that throw. You lose that aspect of the game with Brandon (Jacobs). Derrick runs the ball very well and if there is a position that we have a little bit of depth that is the one position. As disappointing as it is, it is the one position right now that we can withstand, for a while at least, his loss.

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