KP's Korner – 5 Giant Musts

So, what were the chances that Sunday afternoon's matchup in Washington would pit an 0-2 Giants club against the 2-0 Redskins? Let's just say, they weren't too good. Not good at all.

These Giants have room for improvement on so many levels. Let's take a quick look at five things Big Blue must improve upon to have a shot a getting a win in DC.

Get to the QB – Yeah, we've heard all about how fast Brett Favre gets rid of the ball. But the Giants couldn't even get close to the QB in either of their first two games. Perhaps, Michael Strahan shouldn't have waited until the 11th hour to decide to play this season. His sub-par play has hurt them, as has the fact that by playing Strahan, Justin Tuck hasn't gotten as many snaps as he's clearly earned.

Tackle someone, anyone – Can anyone, especially in the secondary, tackle anyone these days? The missed tackles and poor angles to the ball occurred way too often against Green Bay. And please, Corey Webster, use your arms when you're trying to bring someone down.

Cover up – It's not only in the secondary where the Giants have had extreme difficulties covering receivers. The Giants linebackers have sat idly by and watched as opposing tight ends have run free. And unfortunately, this Giants team can't even cover kickoffs.

Win third down – If the game come down to only first and second downs, Big Blue very well might have beaten Green Bay. But New York's inability to neither stop anyone, nor consistently move the sticks on third down has hurt them badly.

Keep your cool – OK, it's hard to come down too hard on Amani Toomer, who's the ultimate professional on this Giants team. But even he's apparently been afflicted by the lack of discipline that's hurt New York since before the days of Tom Coughlin. And while Giants fans probably wouldn't have believed him anyway, it sure would have been nice if Jeremy Shockey at least apologized for his foolish penalty.

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