Behind Enemy Lines Part II

Warpath Insider Editor John Keim provides insight into the 2-0 Redskins.

6) How is our old friend Cornelius Griffin playing?

Very well. Griffin has been in the backfield more the past two weeks than most of last year. He's done a good job against double-teams and that's allowed the LBs to move freely to the ball. The problem with Griff is that he always seems to be one game away from breaking down physically. He had to limp off the field a couple times the other night. As well as the LBs are playing, they're much less effective when Griff is not in the game.

7) Do the Giants have anyone that can cover Chris Cooley or Santana Moss?

I doubt they have anyone who can do so in man coverage. But teams rarely play those two straight up anyway. At some point every team does and the Redskins are usually good at finding them in those situations. But safeties tend to focus on both these players, allowing the other wideouts – namely Antwaan Randle El – to have a chance at big plays. Miami did just that and Randle El burned them.

8) What's been the biggest surprise to you this season?

The play of linebacker Rocky McIntosh, a second-round pick a year ago. He sat for 14 games and only played at the end because of injuries. Coaches said he didn't know the defense well enough. However, he looks like a future Pro Bowler with the way he's playing. He's fast and instinctive, which makes him even faster. He's very physical and soon he'll start making plays. Teammates marvel at his ability.

9) NFC East's team to beat - Skins or Cowboys?

Dallas. Two games do not a contender make. The Redskins have issues that will hurt them as the season unfolds, namely injuries. Todd Wade is filling in for Jon Jansen at right tackle and I think he'll be OK. Jason Fabini is the new right guard for Randy Thomas and I have my doubts. He never played this position in a game until Monday night. I also worry about Griff staying healthy all year, as well as end Phillip Daniels and linebacker Marcus Washington. The two linemen have broken down in the past so it's no stretch to think they'll do so again. And Washington dislocated his elbow this summer and that bears watching. It still bothers him; maybe not a lot, but it does. You can't predict fluke injuries, like what happened to Thomas or Jansen. But some guys do have a history and that's why I'm holding off on the Skins. I do like how they're playing and I like where Campbell is headed. If they stay healthy, they can be a playoff team and challenge for the NFC East title.

10) Who wins Sunday afternoon?

Washington. That wasn't so hard. The worry about this game for Washington is that it's a trap game, coming after a big win and against a desperate team – one that swept it last year. That sweep will help the Redskins stay focused. What also helps is that you don't hear a lot of I-told-you-so comments, which tells me they're not focused on proving people wrong; they're focused on winning. I think they'll be challenged by New York's offense, but I can see them hurting the Giants' D.

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