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Eli Manning and the Giants finally broke into the win column Sunday in Washington. Here's what number 10 had to say about it.

Q: How much different is it coming off a win?

A: Definitely, there is no better feeling than a win. Coming in Monday everybody is definitely excited about our first win. We definitely needed one. The way it happened, everybody is in a good mood and excited. We just have to keep that up. But we have to get back to work and know that if we want to have this feeling more often we are going to have to find a way to keep playing well and winning games.

Q: Re: Plaxico Burress yesterday.

A: He had a good second half. That is what happens in this game. You are going to go through stages and drives and series where things don't go you way. And as a offense, as a player and as a team. You have to be able to bounce back to that. And as a team we were able to that in the second half. We came out and started making some plays. The guys stepped up atnd started doing things the right way. We hit some of the plays we had in the first half that we didn't take advantage of; we started making some of those and getting into the end zone and taking advantage of our opportunities.

Q: RE: Plaxico – the chemistry and connection is finally there?

A: Yeah, I think you want to have a connection with all of your receivers. And I feel like that we are doing that. The guys are all on the same page. And we are communicating well. That is something that just comes with a lot of work and practice and game experience. And so we are getting better but we can always improve on that and take it to another level.

Q: Do you feel like this team had to win the game against the Redskins?

A: I don't know about that. I think we went out there and played football and found a way to win the game. And that is all it is. I'm not making it a bigger deal than it has to be. We still have a long season left. That game was a big win for us, but we still have a lot more games and we are going to have to get some more wins.

Q: Third-down conversions? Was there anything going on there that was different?

A: Not a whole lot different. I think we probably didn't have as many third-and-long situations. We had a lot of third-and-five and six where you can get the ball out quick. We hit Shockey on a couple of hooks. We had some pass interferences. We just started making some plays and getting guys open. Earlier in the game we had some third-downs that were just away from being first-downs. So we knew we weren't far off. We weren't just getting overpowered or dominated in the first-half. We were just falling a little bit short. So we had to make some plays in the second half; start converting some of those third-downs and we would be in good shape.

Q: RE: fourth-quarter audible on third down.

A: We had two plays called. So we audibled to the run. We figured they were either going to play an all-out blitz or cover two. That is kind of what they do a lot. They showed the blitz. I alerted to the run play, knowing they were going to drop back out. The offensive line was kind of looking at me like I'm crazy because they didn't drop out until late. They were saying, "Why are you checking this?" I saw them looking back at me. We were talking about it today. But I knew they were going to drop out and cover two. And we had a draw play run and were able to get the first down; big play in the game for us.

Q: What was the tip off that they were going to drop back?

A: I tried to do a double kick. I kicked. I saw Sean Taylor run back out. The free safety had a little bit longer, but I just saw one guy that showed that it wasn't going to be an all-out blitz. And I guessed right.

Q: What was the other play?

A: I can't tell you that.

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