Ward's Words

Giants RB Derrick Ward has easily been the team's most pleasant surprise during its 1-2 start. Here's what Ward had to say to the media earlier this week.

Q: How is your ankle?

A: It's good; it's good.

Q: What happened?

A: It's a little sore.

Q: Eli was talking about that third-down play. What did you make of that when you checked?

A: I was a great call. It was headed to the left so he checked out of it. He gave me the ball. The fumble – I knew my arm was down; the ground caused the fumble. Good thing it worked in our favor.

Q: If you look at the play, though, they didn't come out of that until the very end so it looked like they were still going to be blitzing.

A: Yeah, it looked like it but Eli makes a great call. And we were able to pick up the first and go on and score.

Q: Did you heart skips a beat at all when you hear, "Okay, this one is coming to me?"

A: No, not really. Both plays were actually coming to me. But it depended on what the defense was going to do. So I knew I was going to get the ball either way.

Q: One was pass, one was run?

A: Yeah, one was pass, one was run.

Q: On the fumble, when they were reviewing that, you were hoping, but did you know for sure?

A: You don't know for sure because it could go either way, but I kind of felt that I had my arm – I felt my arm down on the ground when the ball popped out. So it worked in our favor.

Q: Have you wondered, not about your ability, but about your durability in a game like yesterday when you got the ball a lot; how you would come out of the NFL game experience?

A: I knew it would be tough . I got the ball 30 some times. I felt good after the game besides the usual bumps and bruises. But I'll be ready to play this week.

Q: I assume that when Brandon comes back, obviously your workout will decrease. It might disappear entirely. Do you believe that your performance the past two weeks has at least earned you more of a role when he returns?

A: Yeah, I have proved to the coaches – hopefully I have proved to the fans – that I can play and help contribute to the offense. I'm just going to go out there every week and do whatever they need me to do to help this team win.

Q: What does this win do for this team?

A: It is a morale booster. We need to win every game in the NFL – get the chance to win and it is a great opportunity for …… It just gives us more confidence to go into Philadelphia and play a great game on Sunday night and hopefully come out with a victory.

Q: You don't go to Philly – it's here.

A: Yeah, it is – Sunday night, here.

Q: You probably know that Tiki had a lot of trouble sometimes running against Philly. I know Trotter is not there but the same defense is there. Do you just look into that match … what do you see as the challenge?

A: Philadelphia's defense is great. Their defensive linemen are great. The linebackers are great; the coverage is great. So they have a lot of veterans on their defense. We are just going to go in there and play our game plan. Everybody knows we are a running team. We like to run the ball. So it will be a challenge, but I think we are up for it.

Q: Did anybody say after the game, "Hey, we are back to 1-2, that's where we were last year?"

A: I was just saying that earlier today in the training room. We were 1-2 last year and we are 1-2 this year. So we'll see how it goes. I think we went on a five-game winning streak last year at this point. So hopefully we can duplicate that.

Q: Does it feel like everything is clicking on both side of the ball, now?

A: Yeah, defense played their hearts out yesterday. They stepped up to the challenge. I know they got a lot of flack in the media this week about not being a great defense. But it takes time to learn new schemes, learn new defenses. And they just showed yesterday that they are a good unit. So they will progress during the year.

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