Player Diary: Reuben Droughns

It meant a lot for me to get into the end zone a couple times in Washington. It was good to touch the ball again. It was kind of weird but at the same time you get excited and all your teammates get excited for you. For me, I feel like the more I can do the better I'll be. If my number's called I want to do it 100 percent.

During practice leading up to the Redskins game, Coach told me that he wanted me to be ready for the short-yardage and goal-line packages. The thing is you have to be aggressive when you're down there near the goal line. You have to be willing to be that type of back. You know it's going to be a dogfight near the line of scrimmage. You have to be aggressive, but also stay poised because anything can happen down there. You have to hold onto that ball most importantly.

On the first down play there were some guys that shot low so I had to go over the top and jump over a little bit. On the first goal line play, I didn't really have to jump but for some reason I did. On the second one, there were guys around my legs but I got in.

Getting into the end zone was a really exciting feeling. It's with a new team and my first score with the New York Giants was for the fans. And then, obviously, for your teammates as well. You're trying to do whatever you can to give them a boost.

It's been tough for me. But talking to my agent and everything, I realize I just have to take a step back and assess my situation. It's not taking anything away from me like I don't have talent or anything like that. They have confidence in some other guys right now. That was the case when I was with Denver as well. It's one of those situations where you take a step back, assess your role and do what you can do with it.

It was definitely a surprise. It took me by surprise a little bit, but I understood. It's kind of been the case for me everywhere I've gone. Even when I went into Cleveland, they told me they wanted me to be the starter there. But they had Lee Suggs and guys like that there, and I still had to fight for the position. It's a situation where Coach and the staff obviously believe in all of us or they wouldn't have kept us all here. But at the same time, the other guys are doing a good job and my job is just to be ready if someone falls off, then get in there and do what I can do.

I'm ready, though. There's no doubt in my mind I can still do it if called upon. On one hand, at least I have a more defined role now. At least I know when I'm going to get touches. I've always told myself during my whole career that any time I touch the ball I want to do something with it. I want to impress them and show them that I can still run the ball. Any time I touch the ball in whatever capacity, I just want to be impressive with it.

Being moved to the primary kickoff returner was cool. It's been a long time for me there. The guys blocked well and it was fun. But now we have to try to take it to the next level and that's to break one and take it to the house.

Getting our first win against the Redskins was huge. It was very important, especially for the defense. For them to get a goal-line stand like that, it totally boosts up the defense's morale. Even though we always have confidence in our team and confidence in our defense, that right there gave us a little spark.

You never know what that could lead to. We could get the ball rolling now. Hopefully that's the case.

The final words

While Reuben might have been modest about his accomplishments in DC, his offensive teammates were certainly impressed. Here's what the Giants QB and LT had to say about their goal-line back.

Eli Manning: "He's a powerful guy. He had two carries on the goal line and two touchdowns. When we needed it, he stepped up into his role. He's a guy that's also on kickoff and you never know how he's going to be used. He has to be ready for anything. He's just a true professional that's able to do his role and do it well.

"I think obviously he's done a good job of staying focused and knowing that he could be put in at any point at any position, whether it's fullback or tailback. So he has to know what's going on and he's done a good job of that. He has a great attitude and is good around the locker room. He's fun to be around."

David Diehl: "He's a guy that works extremely hard and is dedicated to this football team. From the minute he got here, he's fit in right away with our personality and the character of this team. For him not to get as many reps as he has in the past, obviously he's still a guy that whenever he gets in there, he can do anything. He can be explosive. That's what's deceptive about him. He's not one of the biggest bruising backs in the league but he is a physical player. He puts his hat down, runs hard and does whatever it takes to get that extra yard. With doing that, he's also a guy that protects the ball. That's very exciting for us. To have him come in and score two touchdowns in the goal-line situations, that's not easy. He's just a guy that's willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done."

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