Star of the Game

No one had as much to do with New York's victory over the Jets than rookie corner Aaron Ross. Here's what he had to say:

What did you see on your second interception that allowed you to jump the route?
It was a bunch formation that we had been watching all week in practice and the number two guy, he basically sat down and ran something like an option route, either an in or an out depending on where I was lined up on him. I was lined up inside so the odds of him running inside were very slim so I guessed he would run an outside route and I jumped it.

Did you play a game with him or was that where you were supposed to line up?
No I was supposed to be inside so he was basically running an option route off of me.

So you knew that because of coaching and seeing that out at practice?

Coach Spagnuolo said to watch for that?
Coach Spags (Steve Spagnuolo), coach (Peter) Giunta, they all talk to me.

How much credit do you give them?
They put me in the perfect situation and it is just up to me if I want to make the play on the ball.

When Antonio Pierce is recognizing what they are doing before the snap what does that do for your confidence?
It gives us a lot of confidence. A.P. (Antonio Pierce), he is the leader of the defense. He is in there all the time watching tape so he knows exactly what is going on and he is like another coach on the field. Anything he tells you, pretty much 90 to 100 percent is going to be right. Just like you said, he was pointing out where the ball was going to be, moving the defensive line over, moving the linebackers over, and sometimes even telling me to come in when I was at the nickel position to stop the run. A.P. is on top of his game and that goes to the film study.

Do you think this defense is going to start getting some respect?
I hope so. We have a lot of good guys back there that love to play football so I hope that we start to get the respect from the media and everyone in the league. We just have to keep doing what we are doing, execute our plays, and get on the film work.

Do you buy into any of the talk that you are on a winning streak and have some ‘beatable' teams coming up?
No, we feel the same. We feel like we need to just keep executing our defense, speaking from a defensive standpoint. That is basically it. As long as we execute our plays, coach Spags is putting in a great defense every week, week-in and week-out, all we need to do is execute it.

What did you learn from the benching yesterday?
Not to do what I did ever again.

You feel that Tom Coughlin was justified in what he did?
Oh yeah, he is the coach. I have to respect his decision and move on from there.

When a guy does that and it works out for the better when you have a big second half do you think that sends a message to the rest of the team?
Oh yeah. It was a silly mistake on my behalf. Once again, it won't happen again and it was a message, like you said, to the team. If you mess up for disciplinary reasons, you will sit on the bench until it is time for you to get in.

Did you know that you would get in trouble for doing what you did?
Honestly, I really don't want to comment on it.

Were you surprised about it?
No. I wasn't.

What were you thinking in the first half?
Stay warm. I was running up and down the sideline trying to stay warm. Coach told me at any given time he can call my number, just be prepared to get out there. I tried to stay warm, stay in tune to the game, and when my number was called to get out there.

Do you think there was any motive behind Coach Coughlin not telling you how long you would sit?
I honestly have no idea. He just told me I wasn't starting and left it at that. He just told me to be prepared, to stay warm, and to stay close to coach Giunta.

Were you upset about it during the first half?
Honestly, once I talked to coach Coughlin, I was pretty much done with it. It was game day so I didn't want to spend any time dwelling on disciplinary reasons. I did exactly what he told me to do, wait, not start, be warm, and then be ready for my number to be called.

Do you feel like you had to make up for being benched the first half?
No, not at all. I really didn't. Once I got in there I just played football. Tried to execute all the plays, try not to get any mental errors, and basically try not to hurt the team.

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