Inside the Locker Room

This week instead of a Diary or a Q&A with one individual player, TGI decided to give you the best quotes that came out of the Giants locker room last week.

Eli Manning on New York's two-headed backfield:
"If we can run the ball (against the Jets) like that every week, we will be in a lot better shape. Those guys, Brandon (Jacobs) and Derrick (Ward), they ran hard. They are making guys miss and getting in the end zone. When you are on the 20-yard line and you can run the ball and get in the end zone, then that takes away a lot of your red-zone problems. So that is a good thing to have. We had a lot of third-and-shorts; a lot of third-and-ones. We were still able to run the ball and get first downs. So that is the key thing. We had a lot of runs on first downs getting six yards, getting five yards. And that is the key. On second down you have your whole package. Third down you can still run the ball and get first downs. You can throw short stuff. So as long as we can be balanced and get that good running production, it makes our offense a lot better.

Manning on the RBs working together:
"We have those two guys. They help out each other. They give each other breaks and Brandon ran the ball really well for us. He is just a big guy that can run through arm tackles. The first guy usually doesn't bring him down. And Derrick is the same way. He is running hard, giving us tough yardage. We did a great job of running and getting into third-and-short situations. If you get third-and-one with those guys, they do a good job of picking those up and keeping the ball in our hands."

Manning on the offensive line:
"The offensive line is doing good things. The last game we ran the ball extremely well. No sacks. We had a few things we have to fix up but they are playing well. They are doing their responsibilities and we have to keep that up. They are a big part that we are winning games."

Tom Coughlin on the club's fourth-quarter comebacks:
"Well, it is a good confidence booster, no doubt. I think you look at it a couple of different ways. One of the things that I want to absolutely make sure that our team understands is that you cannot contribute to the other guy's success or points going forward and expect in big games, as each game as you go along becomes more important, sometimes it is too much to overcome. You can't spot people those kinds of opportunities. You can't give them a kickoff return for a touchdown, a fumble for a touchdown, take three points down off the board and add three points to the board; it is just a heck of a statement about the resolve of our team and our players to be able to fight their way back.

"There is great confidence that comes out of that. As I told them at the end of the (Jets) game, we certainly don't need to spot the other guy 17-7 and then come back out at the half and then play our best football in the second half.

"Our defense played well the whole ballgame. Our offense, really we had one good drive in the first half, but didn't play as well as we are capable of playing until the second half. Special teams, we had some outstanding protection on our extra point/field goal team and good rush out of our block team. (Jeff) Feagles had a good day punting the ball. You would like to spot that ball inside the 10 instead of the touchback, but we did punt the ball very well. We had some success with the punt return, but the kickoff and the kickoff return aspect of the game just have to be, again, taken apart and analyzed. Look hard at the personnel and see if we have people in the right spots."

Aaron Ross on Antonio Pierce leading the defense:
"It gives us a lot of confidence. AP, he is the leader of the defense. He is in there all the time watching tape so he knows exactly what is going on and he is like another coach on the field. Anything he tells you, pretty much 90 to 100 percent is going to be right. He was pointing out where the ball was going to be, moving the defensive line over, moving the linebackers over, and sometimes even telling me to come in when I was at the nickel position to stop the run. AP is on top of his game and that goes to the film study."

Plaxico Burress on his injured ankle:
"I start off the first quarter, the second quarter, trying not to further the injury. Sometimes I feel like I'm being real gingerly on it. I don't really know what to expect from myself. And I don't know the pain threshold that it has. I went out in the second half and just said, ‘Screw it.' I just wanted to go out to play and see what happens. If I can't go, then I can't go. It actually worked out better for me. It actually worked out well for me. So I'm going to try to start the games off the way I did (against the Jets) for myself."

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