European Vacation: TGI's London Diary

TGI editor Ken Palmer is in London to follow the Giants' European Vacation. Here's day one of his daily diary.

London Day 1

Anyone worried about whether or not the game of American Football is being marketed well enough in London needs only to stay at my hotel. When flipping through channels of the London Hilton on Park Lane I stumbled upon channel 14, which was showing none other than the NFL Network. Heck, as a Cablevision subscriber in central Jersey, I don't even get the NFL Network at my home in ‘the States.' Yet, there I was watching Rich Eisen and Rod Woodson spouting off about America's real pastime in jolly ol' England.

My first day in London came while the Giants were still back in Jersey. We arrived early Thursday morning to exactly what you'd expect out of England – 50 degrees, rainy and damp. However, nothing dampened the mood more than our first meal. A Caesar salad (yes, I do eat salads) and a brewsky (unfortunately I do down way too many of those as well) ran me close to 30 pounds, which equates to a little more than $60 at home. On a sportswriters' budget, that was hardly the way I intended to kick off this working vacation. But I was rewarded later in the day; more on that real soon.

My first official touristy act was to tour Kensington Palace. With all those elegant and beautiful pictures of Princess Diana, I now see why the whole world was enamored with her. Wow just doesn't quite cut it.

OK, now to my reward. Regardless of having been awake for more than 30 consecutive hours, my pride still wouldn't allow me to cash in before at least getting some dinner and a few more beers before calling it a night. What a wise decision that turned out to be.

A bunch of us headed off to not just any Hard Rock Cafe, but the original Hard Rock, which began way back when with just an Eric Clapton guitar. However, any warm-blooded male would have had a hard time focusing on Clapton's musical instrument with about 16 of the most dazzling and beautiful young ladies you'd ever seen at the next two tables.

Yes, in all of London your extremely fortunate editor ended up in the same place as the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders. In a word the Brits not only use but overuse: Brilliant! But no, unfortunately there's no truth to the rumor that they asked me where I was headed next. Sweet dreams…

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