Wembley Walkthrough

TGI editor Ken Palmer is in London to follow the Giants' European Vacation. Here's day three of his daily diary.

London Day 3

New York went through its final preparations on Saturday for its big English match the next evening. The club held a walkthrough at Wembley Stadium, before enjoying a little free time to spend in London. Most notable among the player appearances came when Eli Manning dropped by 10 Downing Street to hand off the game ball and a signed jersey to English Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

On the TGI front, a little personal free time resulted in a trip to the world famous Harrod's, which I was forewarned was nothing more than an oversized Macy's. Unfortunately, it's pretty tough to argue with that critique. If I wanted to fight through mobs of rude people, I could have just stayed in New Jersey.

The evening included munching on the best fish and chips in London and consuming multiple beers at Rose and Crown before a bunch of us gathered at the Sports Cafe to catch a little late-night American college football. Despite Penn State taking it on the chin and huge Ohio State fan and Giants employee Jeff Conroy understandably rubbing it in my face, it was an enjoyable evening nonetheless.

Other items of note from my first career trip out of the country included learning the hard way that you have to approach taxi cabs from the opposite window. This certainly isn't New York City and those drivers most certainly do not appreciate us Americans just plopping down in their back seats without first requesting our final destination. Also, the best sign I came across was a drawing of a man running, which signaled exit. You kind of have to see it to appreciate it.

And yes, for the record, Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder really did say that he didn't know where London was and that he was unaware that they spoke English there. They sure do make those Florida kids smart these days, no?


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