Awesome Spectacle

TGI editor Ken Palmer is in London to follow the Giants' European Vacation. Here's day four of his daily diary.

London Day 4

If just the sight of Wembley Stadium didn't give you goose bumps, perhaps you need your pulse checked. After a little off-site tailgate to get ready for the game (you know how we writers get), it was off to explore the brand-new Wembley. To say that stadium lacks nothing compared to its American counterparts would be an understatement. Quite simply, it took your breath away.

And despite the expected drizzling rain for most of the game, it appeared that the mostly Dolphins-heavy crowd thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle. And no, we're not just talking about sight of the Miami cheerleaders out in the rain. Well maybe just a little…

On the negative side, the playing surface was awful. You saw more divots on poor ol' Wembley than you would playing a round with the Star-Ledger's Mike Garafolo. Players were slip-sliding away all game long.

Before the game the Giants Road Crew held a wonderful indoor tailgate, which, needless to say, is a great idea when tailgating in England. Plenty of food, fun and drinks were enjoyed by plenty of hyped-up Giants fans. As for me, I thoroughly liked spending time with new-found friends Tony, Peggy and Dawn.

For the record, there were 3,500 Dolphins season ticket holders in the house. Because it was a Giants road game, there was no way of tracking how many Giants season ticket holders made the trip. The Giants, due to their limited allotment, were unable to make any special provisions to help their fans get tickets.

In all, Wembley Stadium and the NFL received more than a million ticket requests for the league's first regular-season overseas adventure. Despite the shoddy playing surface, the excitement this event generated both in England and the States confirmed it as a smashing success. The fact that the Giants came away victorious didn't hurt matters either. Just lovely, indeed.

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