Dixon a dud

WR Ron Dixon knew the smart thing to do would have been to hit the ground and accept the first down. But the speedy receiver was looking for the score, and when he was stripped of the ball, he fumbled away the Giants opportunity for a win.

Trailing by a touchdown late in the fourth quarter, QB Kerry Collins led the Giants to the Falcons' 36-yard line.

The were down by seven, driving down field but stalled and facing a fourth-and-3 and with no option but to go for it.

Center Chris Bober snapped the ball early, and the speedy receiver Ron Dixon went with the quick snap. While everyone else adjusted, Dixon was wide open past the first down marker.

QB Kerry Collins connected with Dixon, but as Dixon tried for the extra yards, we was stripped by Falcons cornerback Henry Jones.

When Kevin Mathis recovered the fumble with just over three minutes to play, the game was over for the Giants.

The Giants fell in love with Dixon because of his speed, but he's been plagued by inconsistency. While he was alert enough to adjust to a bad snap count, he wasn't aware that Jones was closing in on him and failed to secure the ball.

Dixon accepted his mistake and took the blame for the turnover saying "I can't let that get me down. I just played heads-up ball and it came out. I wasn't swinging the ball, I didn't drop it on purpose, they got it out, it happens. It's very disappointing..."

With head coach Jim Fassel stressing fewer mistakes, will the coaching staff lose confidence in the speedy Dixon? We'll see....

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