Making Their Mark: Coaches & Specialists

With the second marking period in the books, and the Giants riding high on a six-game winning streak, it's time for TGI to hand out the midseason grades. Here goes:


STs – Heading in the right direction, besides Tynes, of course. Grade: B
Coaches – They're 6-2 and have beaten every team they should have this season. Grade: B+

By the player/coach:


Lawrence Tynes – Fortunately for Tynes, none of his three missed field goals or two missed PATs cost Big Blue. However, it's only going to be a matter of time until the Giants lose patience – or until he turns it around and becomes the consistent place-kicker the Giants thought they were trading for. Grade: C-

Jeff Feagles – He just keeps on keeping on as one of the game's best punters. We see no reason for him to even think about retirement just yet. Grade: B+


Tom Coughlin – He's not as much of a changed man as everyone will have you believe. But he's obviously got the attention of his players and is enjoying his best year with the Giants yet. A playoff berth and a deserved extension are on the way. Grade: A-

Kevin Gilbride – We'd sure like to see more consistency out of Eli Manning, but the offense, especially with a banged up Plaxico Burress, has been nothing to sneeze at. Grade: B

Steve Spagnuolo – He could have thrown up his hands after two games and no one would have even blamed him. Instead he kept a stiff upper lip and turned Big Blue into one of the league's most consistent defenses. Grade: B+

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