Monday Insider Notes

Matt Allen punted just twice, the Giants fewest punts in a game since December 10, 2000. This and more in the Insider Notes

*On Atlanta's first touchdown, Falcons QB Doug Johnson got Jason Sehorn to jump in the air, then raced down the right sideline for a 15-yard touchdown run. Sehorn said he would not do anything differently if put in the same situation.

"You're damned if you do and damned if you don't," Sehorn said. "If he throws it, and I sit there like an iron deer on a lawn, who's the bad guy? I am, because I didn't make an effort. You have to hope there's more people coming. My guy was the one in-between us. I have no idea what's going on behind me. I've seen when (quarterbacks) are past the line of scrimmage and use the pump fake and the defender jumps. Then you're an idiot. You're just not paying attention. But when somebody does that, you have to respect it. When it looks like it's going right over your head, you have to try to knock it down."

*The Giants-Falcons game took only 2:38 to complete, the Giants fastest game since Dec. 24, 1994, when a 15-10 season-ending victory over Dallas was also finished in 2:38. It was the fastest game in the NFL since Miami and San Francisco completed a game in 2:36 last Dec. 16.

*Atlanta converted eight of 13 third-down opportunities, a 62 percent success rate that is the highest by a Giants opponent since Tennessee converted 14 of 20 third-down tries (70 percent) on Oct. 1, 2000.

*Matt Allen punted just twice, the Giants fewest punts in a game since Dec. 10, 2000, when Brad Maynard punted once in a 30-10 victory over Pittsburgh. They also punted once in the NFC Championship Game victory over Minnesota on Jan. 14, 2001.

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