Sehorn or Peterson? Injury makes point moot

Head coach Jim Fassel may not have to make a decision on who is starting right corner will be. With Will Peterson nursing a toe injury, Jason Sehorn is likely to get the start at Phili

What's all the hub-bub about who head coach Jim Fassel will name as his starting corner opposite Will Allen?

Jason Sehorn, a superb athelete and media darling had been entrenched as the Giants starting corner until and injury took him out of that role.

After drafting both Will Allen and Will Peterson, the Giants had a pair of corners that have grown together and now looking pretty sharp for second year guys.

The pair started the first five games of the season together, with Sehorn playing the nickel role for the team. And then Peterson got injured.

(By the way, what's with all the problem toes in the NFL anyway? Any strength and conditioning coaches reading this? Can we get some toe reps in the weight room?)

Sehorn has even admitted that he's lost a step, and is a team player. He seems to have accepted his reduced role with the team well over the first part of the season while regaining strength

When asked to name a starter if Peterson and Sehorn were both healthy, Fassel went into the familiar punt formation and said he is not ready to name a starter yet.

Fassel did say that Peterson will play at Philadelphia following the bye week. The team will practice through Thursday before having the weekend off to rest.

A dislocated toe is a tricky injury. It requires a lot of rest. Up to a month or more, and if rest doesn't work, there is always the possibility of surgery. Thus far, the team is counting on rest.

Fassel may not have to make a decision on who starts. It's not likely that Peterson will be 100% by next week. In that case, it makes sense to start a healthy Sehorn and play Peterson sparingly.

But when both players are healthy, Fassel will have to make the call. In thinking of the Giants' future he must select Peterson and Allen as his starters. In fact, he already gave us the hint when he commented "...we had a pretty good formula going there [with Peterson starting and Sehorn as the nickel corner]."

Besides, Jason always has Angie to console him...

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