Diminishing Dayne - More catches for Carter

RB Ron Dayne only gets a bit part in the Giants offense, but he's not complaining. He won't ask for a larger role, and he hasn't asked to be traded. While Dayne's role is is being reduced rookie WR Tim Carter's is about to increase.

RB Ron Dayne was drafted in the first round of the 2000 NFL draft, number 11 overall.

For a player so highly touted, and drafted in the first round, the expectation was that the Giants would hand him the ball, the majority of the carries, giving him the oppportunity to become the power-back he was in college at Wisconsin.

But that didn't happen. His role is a bit part in the Giants offense. He generally gets fewer than 10 carries a game, and many of them in short yardage situations. Dayne doesn't complain. He works hard to improve day in and out.

There are no signs his role will increase, with Tiki Barber firmly entrenched as the Giants starting tailback.

Dayne spoke with the New York Times telling them He doesn't think it would make a difference if he loudly asked for more chances, or if he asked for a trade. "I couldn't really go to them until my contract was up...there isn't any point in me going and saying, `You're not paying me enough to be sitting here and not playing, and I could be somewhere else and helping them.' There ain't no point. What's the point? "

Dayne is a team player, accepts his diminishing role, and does what the team asks. What else can be expected of him?

Conversely the role of 2002 second round draft pick WR Tim Carter is about to increase.

Carter played well against Atlanta on Sunday, his one catch for 10 yards and a first down in his first NFL action impressed the coaching staff.

The team seems be fed up with the inconsistency of third receiver Ron Dixon, who was considered a project and reach when the Giants drafted him as their third round draft pick in 2000.

Dixons' fumble last week killed a drive that could have led the Giants to tie the score against Atlanta.

Head coach Jim Fassel confirmed that Carter could challenge Dixon for the role of third receiver, and indicated that Carter's role would increase in their next matchup at Philadelphia.

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