Holiday Season Time for Giants to Give Thanks

Ken Palmer and Paul Schwartz discuss what the Giants have to be thankful for on the eve of Thanksgiving.

Paul Schwartz: It's that time of year again, when we give thanks for all our blessings by stuffing our faces and watching as much football as we possibly can. Sounds like a plan. What, pray tell, should the Giants be most thankful for as we kick off this holiday season?

Perhaps that Tom Coughlin is so agreeable nowadays that he's going to play Santa and have kids sit on his lap and ask for toys inside the mall. Or maybe the Giants should be thankful that Eli Manning doesn't date supermodels or country singers like Tony Romo. Wait, that's not working out so badly for Romo, is it? The Giants are likely thankful that Antonio Pierce opted for an air horn rather than a grenade when he did his little locker room act at 0-2. Most of all, the Giants this season should be thankful that they are in the NFC, where all a team has to do is beat up on lousy teams to get a crack at the playoffs.

The Giants are a good team headed for the post-season but in the AFC, they'd be struggling to keep their heads (and record) above water. Hey, the Giants should also be thankful that this year they faced the AFC East, home of the terrible Dolphins, the fairly terrible Jets and possibly terrible Bills. Sure, the invincible Patriots loom large in that regular-season finale but by then the Giants should have the playoffs locked up.

Of course, how could I not include how thankful I am to have a good buddy like Kenny Palmer, who takes the stuff I sling in this space each issue and comes back for more?

Ken Palmer: Perhaps you haven't yet gotten a good look at Eli's fiancée, Abby. She's much better looking than any supermodel you'll ever see. And she must have a great personality and sense of humor as well. I know, I know, we don't see Eli behind the scenes. Still it's tough to see him cutting it up or bringing down the house in any situation. But as long as he continues to play as well as he did in Detroit, the Giants will have plenty to be thankful for.

Yes, the Giants should also be thankful that they're in the NFC, the NFL's weaker sister by far. But they can only play the hand that's dealt to them. What they should mostly be thankful for is the fact that it took until the 11th game of the season before they lost a key player for the season.

And not to take anything away from Mathias Kiwanuka, who had progressed nicely after an awful start, but it wasn't like they lost Strahan or Osi or anyone like that. And yes, it's a crying shame that Plaxico Burress is being forced to play on a bum ankle but I said right here last week that they should just shut him down for a week or two in order to let him recover, however slightly.

As for TC playing Santa, I can already guess his favorite gift to dole out to youngsters: watches that are set five minutes fast. What am I most thankful for? No one will ever guess. Besides my wonderful family and friends and the gang at TGI, I'm most thankful that National League MVP Jimmy Rollins was right.

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