Workout Warriors

The Giants hosted a bunch of prospective free agents earlier this week, including former top-round pick DT Jimmy Kennedy and 13-year veteran safety Robert Griffith.

Here is the list of players New York gave a tryout:

QBs Matt Baker (N. Carolina) and Paul Thompson (Oklahoma)
G Jonathan Clinkscale (Wisconsin)
LBs Jorge Cordova (Nevada), George Hall (Purdue), and David Hicks (Grambling)
DBs Jon Corto (Sacred Heart), Robert Griffith (San Diego St), and Jacoby Watkins (N. Carolina)
DLs Jimmy Kennedy (Penn St), Rodney Leisle (UCLA), Ryan LaCasse (Syracuse), and Kelly Talavou (Utah)
OT Jonathan Palmer (Auburn)

The Giants also brought the following two players in for visits: DT Ola Dagunduro and RB Derrick Wimbush (Fort Valley St).

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