Giants Spit the Bit

Perhaps Tom Coughlin should have told the Giants they were playing a road game before Sunday night's ridiculous loss to Washington.

In front of a half-empty Giants Stadium, the Giants came out with one of their worst performances of the season. Yes, they could have wrapped up a playoff spot with a win. No, they didn't appear to care a whole lot about that fact.

"It is frustrating no doubt," Tom Coughlin said. "I think it would be frustrating anywhere but to be at home with what was at stake and what the consequences are and to have a game (like this)."

The quarterback that everyone loves to hate continued to give all his ‘fans' more and more ammunition. To put it simply, Eli Manning was awful.

Only making matters worse was the fact that Jeremy Shockey was lost for the season with a fractured leg. With how much the offense has struggled with Shockey, one can only imagine how much worse it's going to be without him.

"Any time a player of that quality… to lose him at any time during the season it is a huge loss," Coughlin said. "I feel very badly for him because he was, just as all our players are, excited about being involved in this time of the year with a lot at stake and a lot to look forward to.

It is very disappointing that the injury occurred and we all feel very badly that he is not going to be able to finish the year." We've been saying for weeks that this inconsistent, unmotivated Giants club is headed to a one-and-done playoff fate. At this point it's starting to appear that they'd take that and run. The Giants controlled and still do control their destiny; that much is true. But the confidence level of themselves and their fans can't be all that high. Even the biggest of optimists can't be banking on Big Blue coming through in Ralph Wilson Stadium.

If nothing else, Manning has proven that he's not exactly a cold weather quarterback, which is a pretty big problem when you play your home games in Giants Stadium. You can bet your bottom dollar that it'll be nice and frigid in Buffalo with the winds whipping away; those same winds that Manning still cannot navigate with any regularity.

Manning said he had no answer for the bevy of dropped passes by his receivers, while admitting that this was the type of game where the Giants didn't want to throw the ball all that much – after throwing 52 times. When asked about Brandon Jacobs' countless drops, Manning said, "I don't know, you'll have to ask him I guess."

Instead we asked Coughlin what he could do to get Manning back on track. Coughlin seemed stumped.

"It's just back to the drawing board," he said. "I don't think there's a simple answer to that."

It's clear that Big Blue must fix not only its quarterback but its entire roster fast – or risk one of the more embarrassing season finishes in club history.

The bad news coming out of Sunday night is that Jeremy Shockey is gone. The worse news is that his Giants mates just might follow him right out the exit door if they're not careful.

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