Coach's Corner

Tom Coughlin met the media after Thursday's practice as New York continued its preparations for Sunday's crucial matchup in Buffalo. Here's what TC had to say:

Q: I have noticed that certain teams have played better in bad weather in the month of December. Do you think that this team is capable of doing that?

A: I think we played one game for sure in bad weather, one game in windy weather. I think we are okay when the weather is bad.

Q: Did Tuck practice fully?

A: Yes.

Q: What was it – just sore neck?

A: Yeah, he had a stiff neck and just general soreness. I didn't know that until I got out here. That's why I didn't tell you.

Q: Gibril looks like a go for this week?

A: Well he is practicing. Butler practiced today a little more.

Q: Osi has had a couple of very big games but he has also had a tough game last week against a very good tackle. Has he had too much of a peak and valley season for you or do you feel like he has been consistent?

A: I don't think so. I think he has been consistent. And I think he has worked hard in the areas that he felt he needed to improve upon. He has done a good job with that as well. So I think that the thing you need to remember is persistence is what the key is. You are going to play against some outstanding people that play left tackle in this League, there is not question about it. But he is persistent. He obviously does a great job of that first step and he is always working to improve and get better. If you know anything about the way he practices, he is a relentless worker in practice. He is always looking for that edge and always looking to take that good first step. So I think he has been very, very solid.

Q: How much of a concern is it on the road against a team with an excellent special teams unit?

A: That's always a concern. We have played against a lot of very good special teams outfits and this certainly is an outstanding special teams outfit with Parrish and McGee; two outstanding return men. But also good coverage team; good fast coverage teams with the kind of defensive ends that also double as special teams players that are involved in their teams. And the punter is a versatile athlete. The kicker has performed in clutch situations to win games. They are a good outfit.

Q: You made a lot about when you guys went to Chicago and Devin Hester – and tried to put away from him. But Feagles said yesterday that he thinks Parrish is at least as good as Hester is. With the wind in Buffalo how much more difficult….?

A: It makes it tougher. Obviously you can't always control exactly where the ball is going to go. It depends on whether you are kicking into it or whether it is a cross wind or whatever. When you look at the numbers, you just kind of shake your head. They are unheard of. Look at that kind of 17.5 – where did that come from?

Q: He (Parrish) doesn't have the touchdowns that are boosting his average up either.

A: He has one with one called back.

Q: That average is a pretty solid average, not four yards here and a touchdown there.

A: No question.

Q: You pretty loose and obviously it is a huge game for your team, a lot of pressure on your team.

A: I play loose?

Q: You seem to be very calm. Do you want you team to not think about what is at stake?

A: No, I think they know exactly what is at stake. And I think that is a good thing. I think they are practicing well and I think they are enjoying the week, to be honest with you. And they are looking to playing.

Q: Achieving?

A: No, as I said, you can take four or five runs and they account for a big chuck for what that yardage is. But nevertheless it is something – we know full well that is the way in which the Bills will play. And we just have to stop the run.

Q: You just mentioned the team is enjoying themselves?

A: I think they had some fun today in practice. They were very lively, energetic.

Q: Is that a sign…………?

A: You improve that every day. I think today was better than yesterday.

Q: Do you want to say this is a playoff game?

A: You are not going to get me to say that. It is a very important game; it is the next game.

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