Jon Runyan from Strahan

DE Michael Strahan's back has been feeling fine for the last few days. And even if it didn't, nothing was going to keep him out of the Monday night match-up against their despised division rival

DE Michael Strahan wouldn't miss this one for the world. Strahan told reporters "I was going to play. I wasn't going to miss the game. My back has been fine for a couple of days. Today I went through every play and had no problem."

One person who wasn't happy to hear about Stahan's good health was Eagles RT Jon Runyan.

Strahan has had Runyans' number ever since the tackle signed a lucrative free agent deal with the Eagles in 2000.

Giving credit to Runyan, and not wanting any bulletin board material floating around in Philly, Strahan added "I always like a challenge and he's a big challenge. As always, it's going to be a very physical game and I have to be on top of my game to do well against him,"

The fact remains that Strahan has sacked Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb 5.5 times in their two match-ups last season.

Overall, Strahan has eight sacks in the five meetings with Runyan.

Through week 7, Strahan has just 3.5 sacks, and will look to improve on that number in the Monday night spotlight.

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