Q&A with Eagles QB Donovan McNabb

Donovan McNabb held a Q&A session with the New York sports writers.

Q: After winning both games last year, do you feel you have gotten the Giants monkey off your back? A: Actually, we never felt we had the monkey on our backs. There were just on top of the series. If we were one, two or three plays away from winning that game, then we just had to go back and watch the film and just go out and eliminate those mistakes. And I think we did that. And now we just have to continue to do that. Q: Do you look at the Giants as your chief rival for the division title? A: In the past couple of years, you had to go through New York in order to win the NFC. Last year, we sort of reversed that a little bit. Whenever these two teams play, no matter what the record is, it is going to be an exciting battle. Q: After looking at film, do Will Allen and Will Peterson look much different than last year? A: They do. I know about Will Allen's work ethic and how he prepares himself to be the best. You can see the improvement on film. Peterson is a great talent. I watched him a little bit on film last year. He is very aggressive, he has a nose for the ball and he has made some big plays this year. You can definitely see the improvement from both of those guys. Q: How big of a game is this? A: It's a very big game. This is an opportunity for the Eagles to move forward in the standings, as well as the Giants. I think this is another opportunity for us to continue to go out and work on some different things that we want to get done this year, playing against a tough defense. You can't ask for anything more.

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