Fassel on Injuries

Jim Fassel addressed New York's list of walking wounded after Thursday afternoon's practice.

"Kenny Holmes is fine," Fassel said. "He practiced and I think the (bye week) rest has done him good. He felt a lot stronger. Will Peterson has practiced as though it's not bothering him at all. Matt Mitrione is fine, he's been practicing. (Jeremy) Shockey practiced almost the entire day and in the last period it hurt and I didn't want him to continue. So he made it through the bulk of the practice and he's fine. Jason Whittle, because of his back, has still not been practicing. Primarily he needs rest. Dhani Jones practiced and he's fine. (Michael) Strahan practiced and he's fine. "Hopefully, unless things change, I think I will have some options at game time as far as who will be inactive, and hopefully we will be as close to full strength as possible."

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