Tiki Talks - Part II

Tiki Barber talks, this time about fatherhood...

Off the field, my attention has totally switched to my son. It's been great for us, because Ginny's parents are still around to help out with A.J. and they're going to stay indefinitely. They help us out a lot. It's always nice to come home and see his face, see him smiling at you. You can tell by all his pictures that he loves to smile, that's all he does.

No matter what's going on, seeing him lifts your day. That's nice. Things have changed a lot for Ginny and me. We don't go out a lot at all. In the past, we'd go out three or four nights a week to various events and social gatherings. Now we spend a lot of time at home, enjoying the company of each other and the company of our baby.

I still do a lot, but nowhere near as much as in the past. I'm still doing my radio show - it's on ESPN radio (1050) instead of WFAN. I do a weekly TV show that I film every week on my off day for the YES Network. That's a lot of fun. Bob Papa's the host and we have fun filming that up in Stamford, Conn.

I still do my luncheon for All-American Collectibles every other Tuesday, and that's about it. Other than that, I'm pretty much home. It's nice.

We really didn't even do anything this off-season because Ginny was pregnant.

We didn't want to leave the country or really travel anywhere with her being pregnant so we just relaxed. A lot of people asked me to do a lot of things this year and I had an excuse to say no. I've been on the go for basically three years straight.

I did a few off-season things like a commercial with my brother for Visa, which is going to start running soon. I also did a few national ad campaigns, like one for Reebok. But everything's about my baby. All I do is worry about my kid. Everything I do is focused around A.J. When I went on CBS during the bye week I took him on air with me. He's the light of my life now. It's not about me or Ginny anymore. It's about this little kid we're trying to make into a responsible human being. It's fun.

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