Toomer Ties the Knot

WR Amani Toomer and his finacee of three years tied the knot during the bye week.

WR Amani Toomer certainly made the most of his bye week. He got married.

He and his fiancée of almost three years, Yola, got on a plane Friday night and flew to Las Vegas, then got married on Saturday, Oct. 19.

The couple decided to Friday that they wanted to exchange vows, planned for about 30 minutes and then tied the knot the next day at the Chapel of the West.

"It was good this way," Toomer said. "It was private. We liked the fact it was just us two. We're going to have something for the families afterward. We wanted to do it this way.

"It was a nice intimate type thing, as intimate as you can get in Vegas."

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