Heading to Arizona

The Giants wrapped up their three days of preparation in New Jersey on Saturday. The club will now fly to Arizona Monday morning in anticipation of Super Bowl XLII. Here's what Giants coach Tom Coughlin had to say as his team readied to head west.

Q: How is Rich Seubert doing?
A: Rich is doing okay. He is making progress. So we are hoping he will be able to work next week.

Q: With eight days to go do you like the way your team is getting set as you continue to move along?
A: Yeah, I do. The idea of working here at home and being able to get into a routine and get the majority of what our thoughts are put together is a very good thing. A lot of what we have talked about is obviously being able to deal with the environment at the Super Bowl and managing ourselves and focusing when all of these things are going on around us. But when we go to work we are going to focus on our football. And hopefully that is the formula that we need.

Q: How are the three players from yesterday?
A: Mike Johnson was back. The other two guys (FB Madison Hedgecock and DT Manny Wright) were really still pretty much not strong enough to practice. So they were sent back home.

Q: In terms of distractions was the trip to London helpful in terms of preparing for something like this?
A: Well, perhaps, I think it was. That was a real short term kind of a thing; whirlwind. This is a little bit more extensive. But no question being in that environment and having the kind of media attention that went with that game, I'm sure that is going to help a lot of these young guys for sure.

Q: What is the overall message that you try to convey to them in terms of focusing on the game but at the same time trying to enjoy the experience?
A: Well, that pretty much sums it up. I think we have good sound leadership and we have some guys that have been in this game and have been able to talk to the players about it. We certainly do want our players to enjoy it, enjoy the journey, if you will. But at the same time, while we are having fun and understanding all of that, we do have a very serious purpose.

Q: How do you go about recapturing the energy you had in the last game with the Patriots, that kind of nothing-to-lose, go-for-it mentality you had?
A: Well, you build up to this. Obviously this is such a big game that I'm not worried about the energy level. I think the energy level will be fine but the Patriots are a very good football team and we have to make sure that all of the details from our standpoint are covered and the players are ready to go. And once that is the case, then I think we will get a good effort.

Q: How is Strahan? Does he have a touch of the flu at all?
A: A cold. He will be okay.

Q: A couple of players this week said to the effect that nobody remembers the loser of the Super Bowl. Do you believe that?
A: Who was the loser two games ago? (PAUSE). That's exactly what happened in our team meeting. I asked the same question. It took …… somebody mentioned it.

Q: Bill Belichick talked a little bit about Ahmad Bradshaw yesterday. He was very complimentary. He feels like defensively it changes a lot of how you approach the line of scrimmage. Can you talk a little bit about what Bradshaw has been able to bring?
A: Bradshaw brings a little bit of style and a good change of pace for us. We have the big back and then we have Bradshaw come into the game. He is very quick. He has proven that he is powerful and he can break tackles. He is a threat, now, whether it is in the open field or at the line of scrimmage. He does have good power and he has demonstrated the ability to go all the way. So he has been a very good combination back for us.

Q: Has he done everything for you guys that you expected him to do this season? I know he slipped a little bit in the draft --- a lot of people talked about character questions, things of that nature. Has he really fulfilled everything you hoped to get out of him this season?
A: Well, we hoped more. We hope more going forward. We have one game to play. But he has been very good and he has been a young man who has gained ground. And even in the little setbacks that he has had, he has handled that well and kept working hard to try to reestablish anything that we thought in the beginning when we put the kickoff return on the ground. That was the issue so he proved he was able to secure the ball. And he has pretty much accepted every challenge.

Q: What have you seen out of Eli the last three weeks that has made him so consistent and so…..?
A: Well he is playing very well and he is very focused. He has been very accurate; played through all kinds of weather and really has been able to stay right on course the entire time. So he is playing well and we were certainly riding the nature of his games in that the ball has not been turned over either.

Re: Manning
A: I have seen it in him for a long time. It is not just in the last few weeks.

Q: Given what you have seen of Kevin Dockery this week do you think he is going to be able to play next week?
A: We'll see. We'll see. He came back and worked a little bit today. So we will see.

Re: having a the full roster available next week
A: Obviously you would like to have all hands on deck. And we are getting closer to that.

Q: A couple of years ago when Jeff Feagles was talking about retiring, he said you guys had a conversation. What did you tell him a few years ago; what do you tell guys that are on that verge of maybe stepping down?
A: They have some very serious thoughts that they are going through and obviously a lot of that has to do with family. But once you get beyond the family issue --- I'm very honest with the guys and I thought Jeff could continue to play and I didn't see why there was any mark along the way --- whether he was 38, 39, or whatever, he was in great shape and a very, very good athlete and still performing at a very high level. The thing of it was --- that's why I say it has to be a determination from the family's standpoint because very much is involved in that. His sons are getting a little bit older. He doesn't want to miss anything with them. But I think once they have had an opportunity to spend some time together ---- he had made up his mind that this is what he wanted to do.

Q: How tough is it for Plaxico not to practice a lot?
A: He has been practicing of late, probably for the last four weeks for a couple of plays each section so that he keeps his hand in it. And the quarterback continues to throw to him and that has been good; has been very good.

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