What They Are Saying

Quotes from the Giants as they arrived in Arizona. Here are some from Antonio Pierce.

(on the majority of the team being dressed in all black) "We all just decided to pick out the same outfit. It's just a little team unity, that's all."

(on dressing in all black resembling a funeral) "We have to wear a suit anyway, so we all decided (black) would be a good color to wear on the plane and we all decided to do it together."

(on liking the ‘underdog' role) "Definitely - that's where everybody put us. That's how they placed us. That's how it's been since day one. It didn't just start because of Super Bowl week. That's something that if that's what everybody wants to label us as, that's something that we've accepted. We're trying to use that as motivation for us."

(on the atmosphere on the flight) "We had a whole week off getting ready for it, getting a flight, getting your travel arrangements and doing all your ticket stuff, and then finally get on the flight knowing that you're about to play a game and preparing for the Patriots and the Super Bowl. Everybody's excited. Guys got restless because it's a five-hour flight, it was a long flight. Once we landed everybody brought out those cameras and got to smiling and were ready to go."

(on when it hit him that he was playing in the Super Bowl) "When we got off the plane - seeing all the press there and seeing the cameras. Seeing everybody getting their camcorders ready and the captain announcing that we landed in Arizona and good luck in the Super Bowl. That's when you know, we're here. We've arrived."

(on what enabled the Giants to win 10 consecutive games on the road) "Just the mentality. Guys wanted to go out there and do it. It's a tough situation being on the road. We dealt with all kinds of elements from traveling to London to the heat of Tampa Bay to the freezing tundra of Lambeau Field. It's been a fun ride and we want to continue that streak. Guys have their mind made up that regardless of what's being dealt in front of us, we'll be well-prepared for it."

(on what type of preparation will the Giants do this week) "We still need to touch up and do everything we need to do as far as assignments, and making sure we know exactly what the Patriots do and their tendencies and tips. Everybody needs to get accustomed to where we are, being in a different environment. I think it's good because we went to London. The gameplan is pretty much in, but the coaches had a couple of days off so they probably tweaked a couple of things. So we'll find out on Wednesday what that's about."

(on what message Head Coach Tom Coughlin has stressed over the last couple of days) "‘Enjoy the moment, take care of your business before we get to Arizona and once we touch foot in Arizona we have a game to win.' That's our mindset. We're a focused group. By the end of this week we'll be ready to play."

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