Ken & Kevin Khronicles, Tuesday Part II

TGI editor Ken Palmer and star columnist Kevin Gleason will be in Arizona all week as Big Blue prepares for Super Bowl XLII. Here's Tuesday's second update...

The Giants are in the house and I start at Tom Coughlin's booth. I start there because I see he's smiling and laughing, and I can't get enough of the former Coach Grinch smiling and laughing. The season has become something straight out of a Coughlin family picnic. We've seen more smiles and laughs in the past month than we saw his first three seasons combined. It's wonderful.

The Giants are outfitted in the same brand of big stylish shades – sorry, I forget the name – and Plaxico Burress looks especially cool in his, striped in gold.

I run into receivers coach Mike Sullivan. We go way back. Sullivan was an Army assistant on two occasions, and we usually commiserate over the state of the program. But the conversation is never long because A) He's usually headed somewhere fast and B) Assistant coaches aren't allowed to speak to the media except under mandated occasions, and I don't want him to get into trouble.

Justin Tuck is asked to describe the Giants in one word. He pauses before coming up with it. "Persistence."

I like that.

An Australian reporter asks Tuck if he has a message for his fans in Australia. "Hello mate,"

Tucks says cheerfully.

Suddenly our friend appears.

"I asked Eli to marry me and he told me no," Gomez Mont tells Tuck. "What's that about?"

"I don't think his fiancee is going to like that," Tuck says as Sinorice Moss and Gerris Wilkinson look on, laughing.

But the Giants aren't the only ones who are persistent. "I'm better than that fiancee," the freaky bride says. "Say yes, yes, yes."

"I'm going to say, 'No,' " Tuck says.

"Do YOU want to marry me?" she says.


"Can I give you a kiss?"

"My fiancee probably would beat you up," Tuck says.

By now I'm starting to think her 15 minutes are up.

Between Domenik Hixon being interviewed in German and Manning asked his favorite fast food ("I try to stay away from fast food, but growing up, it definitely was Wendy's"), there is Michael Strahan.

If Strahan performs anywhere near as well on Sunday as he's performing at the moment, he'll have a couple sacks, a bunch of tackles and force a fumble or two.

"He's a human being now," Strahan says of Coughlin. "Before, he was robotic."

Asked about dethroning the mighty Pats, Strahan says, "I thought Mike Tyson was unbeatable at one point. The Yankees too. Everybody loses."

The topic moves to Burress' tame guarantee the day before. "I've realized one thing: You can never try to control people," Strahan says. "You have to let people be people. I don't know how many times I've argued with Osi (Umenyiora). I think they are all crazy."

Someone asks Strahan the teammate he'd least trust with his personal vehicle.

"Rich Seubert," Strahan says of the gritty guard. "I'd probably get the car and for a month wonder what the smell is in it."

Another foreign correspondent makes his presence felt. "If you had one superpower to choose, which one would you choose?" comes the question.

"Disappear – now," Strahan shoots back.

He remembers that he left out Alicea Keys when asked his favorite artist. Strahan starts belting out lines from a Keys song. Several teammates start to heckle him from the front row of the stands. "Jessica Simpson or Giselle," Strahan's asked.

"I'll stick with mine," he says, then reconsiders. "But being a man of excess, I'll take both."

A gorgeous brunette representing a station called Televisa interviews Jay Alford, Barry Cofield and James Butler. "You look taller than the other team," she tells Alford. "Can I see your size?"

Alford stands up proudly. "You wanna see my size?" Butler interrupts, flexing his right biceps.

"Blow a kiss to the camera," she tells the trio.

The interview is over. The Giants' media session is over.

Media Day is over.

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