Super Stray Media Star

PHOENIX – No one has been a bigger star in front of the cameras this week than Michael Strahan. Not always the most accessible during the season to the New York regulars, Strahan has taken this national spotlight and ran with it, showing off his gregarious personality and excellent wit.

He laughed when asked about returning to play next season and beyond, on the condition that he only had to show up for some of training camp.

"Do I have to go those one or two weeks?" Strahan smiled. "One week? If they said to me, ‘One week of training camp,' that would make me think, ‘Wow, this may not a bad job.' But it's more than just that. Me not being at training camp was more than me not willing to work. I've always worked at training camp. … It was more of a desire to find out if I really wanted to play football, because I didn't want to be here with my body if my mind was somewhere else. That's what being away from training camp did for me. Next year, if I have to go to training camp, it's part of this business. You just suck it up."

Later in his press conference he brought down the house when asked about his infamous gap-toothed smile.

"I went to the dentist and I had all the X-rays and the charts and the pictures of how I would look if it was fixed – and I decided if I did it, it would just not be me," Strahan said. "So I decided to keep it. I think the thing about it is, people look and say, ‘Okay, here's a guy who's not perfect.' But to me it's worth it, because it fits me. I feel comfortable when I look in the mirror. So it makes everyone else feel comfortable. My teammates give me a hard time about it. You know what I tell them? When we go somewhere, and you're standing at the back of the line, and they don't notice you, and I walk up and smile, I automatically get in. That's why I have it."

A Super week has only been made even more enjoyable by Strahan's performances in front of the microphone.

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