Ken & Kevin Khronicles, Thursday

Dateline Glendale - TGI editor Ken Palmer and star columnist Kevin Gleason are in Arizona as Big Blue continues to prepare for Super Bowl XLII. Here's what went on in Glendale and the surrounding areas on Thursday...

Sportswriters are famous for griping, so I'm going to do my best to remain upbeat and positive about all aspects of my assignment, to perhaps, in some small way, reverse the wave of negativism that infests this business.


I truly apologize, especially in light of the news I received earlier from my patient wife that mid-Hudsoners are supposed to get some kind of "wintry mix," as they say, on Friday.

So I really don't have much of a leg to stand on here, do I? But I'm just asking for one 70-degree day because, well, we are in PHOENIX, ARIZONA!

I mean, all I've ever known about Phoenix is that it's usually about 30-50 degrees warmer than in New York. That means when it's 90 and sunny on a fine July day in Middletown, you can bank on it being about 150 degrees in Phoenix, give or take a couple third-degree sunburns.

The locals tell me my request isn't so outrageous, that it's "normally" warmer here, even in January and February. But right now it's about 50 degrees and the days haven't been much nicer than 60.

I have a travel bag full of short-sleeved shirts and shorts, and having no experience with the Polar Bear Club, wouldn't dare try the outdoor pool. They keep putting up a sign saying it's not available anyway, which I suspect is because it's iced over.

Thank you for allowing the rant. I will do my best to make sure it's the last one you have to endure. But I can't promise anything. I think we're getting eight inches of snow today (kidding!).

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