Plax Looks to Sting Like a Bee

While Plaxico Burress talked all week about his ‘guarantee,' the one thing he didn't do was apologize or retract his statement that the Giants were going to win Super Bowl XLII by a 23-17 score.

"We're here to go out and compete and win the world championship," Burress said.

Burress displayed a little bit of showmanship when discussing the topic on Thursday, the last day of media access with the players.

"Those are the things that made Muhammad Ali great," Burress said. "I'm not saying I'm Muhammad Ali. But he'd make predictions and go out and back it up."…

Offensive line coach Pat Flaherty laughed when he was told that head coach Tom Coughlin seemed a little more relaxed with the media this week.

"He's been cracking the whip with us," Flaherty smiled. "You had better dot every ‘i' and cross every ‘t.' "

Flaherty, who admitted Media Day on Tuesday was an "eye-opener," said he doesn't feel any pressure this week to say or do anything extra.

"I remind myself it is just a game," he said. "If I have to tell them the importance of this we're in the wrong game.

"I reminded them that they earned the opportunity to be here. Now they have to earn the opportunity to win the game."…

Eli's final word: "No one remembers who gets second place," Manning said. "You go to the Super Bowl to win."

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