Shockey Makes Friends In Philly (Not!)

The overly animated rookie TE Jeremy Shockey didn't make any friends on the field in Philly on Monday night in the Giants 17-3 loss to the Eagles. In addition to catching six passes, Shockey also picked up a taunting penalty late in the first quarter.

According to the Associated Press, TE Jeremy Shockey is now 'Public Enemy No. 1' in Philadelphia.

Shockey made some remarks earlier in the week criticizing the Eagles secondary, saying they were often lucky, and not very good.

Someone needs to remind the rookie that Philly is a division rival that does not need bulletin board material to get them fired up.

If you're gonna talk-the-talk, you better walk-the-walk. Shockey, who was obviously playing in pain from a dislocated toe, could only help his team so much, and merely limped-the-limp.

Shockey caught a team-high six passes for 69 yards, not enough to help the Giants score, but enough to let the Eagles know he'll be a factor in future matchups.

In addition to getting the attention of the Eagles secondary, and fans who booed and chanted "Shockey S_cks" whenever he touched the ball, he also seems to have drawn too much of the officials attention.

The chest-pounding, fired up rookie said "I don't know what I did wrong," in reference toi the 15-yard taunting penalty he drew in the first quarter.

Shockey also drew a holding penalty, and later, an offensive pass interference penalty which was offset by a defensive pass interference call.

Head coach Jim Fassel had to talk to the rookie after the first penalty telling him to watch himself. "He's got to be careful," Fassel said. "He's a little excitable."

Overall, the Giants like the swagger Shockey brings to the huddle. An offensive player with a defensive mindset can be a good thing for a team which obviously is lacking confidence.

Shockey summed up his actions by saying "I play this game with emotion. If I lose it, that's when I won't play it."

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