Arrogance Humbled

Party's over for Pats – In addition to already planning their victory parade and signing off on the Boston Globe taking sales on a 19-0 book, the Pats were also arrogant both on and off the field in Arizona.

Players were taunting the Giants all throughout the game and multiple sources stated that the Pats were impossible to deal with at their hotel and at NFL functions "from the head coach all the way down to the ball boys."

"They were inviting us to their parties after the game," Amani Toomer said. "They were showing us no respect."

From Bill Belichick pulling a classless ‘Randy Moss' and leaving the field with a second still left on the clock to a sour grapes Moss claiming the Giants defensive backs were only "ordinary" after they held him to five catches for 62 yards, it sure was enjoyable watching the downfall of the mighty Pats.

"I'll take a team over a bunch of individuals any day," said Toomer, who was especially upset by the Pats' brashness. "We're a team. We have everyone playing team football and that's why we won."

That, coupled with the fact that the Giants didn't allow themselves to get psyched out by the Pats mystique, was a key to victory.

"We didn't treat them like some Greek myth," David Tyree said. "There was no Godzilla factor."

At the end of the day, Toomer said the final score spoke loudest.

"They tried to rub it in our face," he said. "We're a more physical team. We punched them in the mouth and they didn't want any more."

"We knew we could beat them," Brandon Jacobs said. "We knew all along we could beat them. They have a lot of talent but, deep down, I think we are a better football team because we are a blue-collar team and we work hard."

During the week the Patriots had no problem criticizing Plaxico Burress for his bold prediction or the Giants for arriving in Arizona wearing all black.

"We're not wearing black tomorrow," a grinning Antonio Pierce said after the game.

Now we can all hope that Spygate really picks up some steam and the Pats' embarrassing run continues. Hey, if Kurt Warner, who's one of the most honest humans on the planet, thinks they cheated, who are we to argue?

Now J can sleep – Congrats also go out to Jessie Armstead and the rest of his 2000 teammates from the disappointing Super Bowl XXXV loss. TGI asked Armstead if he'd now be able to sleep better at night.

"Absolutely. I feel like I'm part of (the team)," he said. "I'm happy for all of them. I always said that I'd find a way to get back in it and win a championship. I never thought it would happen this fast."

A real winner – TGI was able to catch up with former Broncos great Floyd Little, a former college teammate of Tom Coughlin's at Syracuse. Here's what he had to say about his former teammate after the Super Bowl.

"Tom Coughlin wasn't the most talented guy at Syracuse, but he was extremely smart and a real overachiever. Few guys worked harder than Tom. I think that work ethic has been passed on to his players It's evident in the way the Giants played a full 60 minutes throughout the playoffs, culminating in a Super Bowl win for the ages.

"I knew that the Giants would win because of how they played against the Pats five or six weeks ago. Tom is a serious coach and is committed to winning. He looked up to Vince Lombardi and is like him in many ways. Lombardi said, ‘There is only one place in my game – first place. There is no room for second place.' I think Lombardi would have been proud of the way Coughlin's Giants played.

"I have followed Tom's career for over two decades, he is truly a Hall-of-Fame coach, and I'm proud to have been his teammate and friend. The sports world and sports writers will look at Tom Coughlin with a little more respect this morning, and it's about time he gets the respect that he deserves."

Final thought – For all those folks making such a big deal about Asante Samuel ‘dropping' an interception at the end of the game, get over it. Manning's sideline pass on the play before "the play" was uncatchable and Samuel, who's as good a CB as there is, was lucky to even graze it with his fingertips. Those claiming the Giants were lucky that Samuel couldn't catch it and that he should be blamed for a drop are out of their minds.

Final word – "I think this will always be remembered. This is the biggest upset in football history." – Amani Toomer

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