Q and A with Tom Coughlin

What was your reaction when you first saw that the Giants allowed 299 rushing yards?
I started to watch the game about the second quarter and the television people kept reviewing the number of runs that they had tried. I thought was an interesting way for Andy (Reid) to go.

How much do you think the Giants defense misses Keith Hamilton and what kind of run defense is it without him?
Well, obviously, any player of that magnitude you are going to miss, no matter who it is. Keep in mind that the Giants are still ranked very high on defense and are playing very well. Even with it, the average per game goes to 115 yards per game against the rush which is still a very number in the league. They are tough. They are tough to run on. They miss Keith Hamilton, but that is an outstanding front seven and with Shaun Williams dropping down, it is an excellent, physical eight-man front.

What do you think of the Giants situation where Fassel may take over some of the play calling?
I don't know anything about that. They have had success over the years and they got to the big game. They know exactly what they are doing. They don't need me to comment on that.

When you look at the Giants offense not scoring points, does that make it easier for your defense to look at?
It's difficult because you know the quality of the players and you also know from experience what it is they are trying to do. We were up there in 2000 and they were very effective on offense. We know the quality of the players and are in a position where we are studying everything that they have done. I don't think any less of them because of the situation that they are in.

Speaking of that game a couple of years ago, did you tell Fred Taylor to keep his mouth closed this week?
I think he learned a pretty good lesson, not only from that one, but from others.

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